International Travelers Can Now Yawn for Coffee

The future of coffee is taking flight. Exhausted travelers who are desperate for a cup of coffee may be closer than ever to getting their fix. Douwe Egberts set up a coffee vending machine in Johannesburg’s O.R. Tambo International Airport as a marketing experiment. The machine offers cash-strapped travelers — who haven’t yet changed currency — a cup of coffee in exchange for a yawn. Caffeine-craving customers were able to walk up to the machine, yawn, and the  facial-recognition software recognized the action, in turn producing a hot cup of joe. If only we could all get one of these next to our beds! At least we can continue to have fresh roasted coffee sent right to our door with Amora’s coffee delivery service. [Source:]

Take Our Coffee Quiz & Discover
Your Personal Brew Style

If you were a cup of coffee, what would you be? Answer the following three questions, and then check the key below to determine your personal brew style. And don’t jump to conclusions — the answer might surprise you!

1. I most enjoy drinking coffee on a…

  1. Cool and crisp fall morning
  2. Hot summer afternoon
  3. Rainy spring day
  4. Chilly winter evening

2. The place I’m most likely to drink a cup of coffee is…

  1. At home, outside on the porch or in the yard
  2. On the go, either while driving or walking to an appointment
  3. Inside, curled up on the couch
  4. At a coffee shop

3. When drinking coffee, I like to also take in…

  1. The calming sounds of nature
  2. Music on my headphones or radio
  3. A good book
  4. Conversation with friends

If you answered…

Mostly A’s: You’re a cup of plain, piping hot, coffee You enjoy the simple pleasure of drinking coffee in a peaceful place.

Mostly B’s: You’re an iced coffee kind of guy or gal! You can be found going from place to place with your cold brew, sipped through a straw for speedy consumption.

Mostly C’s: You’re a cafe au lait type. You love your coffee, but enjoying it is a special experience. You’ll savor each cup through a few chapters of a good book or movie.

Mostly D’s: You’re a shot (or 3!) of espresso. Coffee is integral to your social life, so you’re more likely to enjoy a speciality drink prepared just for you — and enjoyed in the company of friends.

Now that you know your personal brew style, go check out the fresh coffee blends from Amora and have them delivered right to your door.

The Bean Machine

Well, coffee lovers, now we’ve seen everything…

The other day we learned that, in England, a truck called The Bean Machine set a Guinness World Speed Record for coffee-powered vehicles. That’s correct, the Guinness Book of World Records has a category for coffee-powered vehicles!

According to the owner, an eco-engineer, coffee chaffe pellets (produced from coffee production waste) are heated in a charcoal stove. The gas that is produced is cooled and filtered, and the hydrogen is combusted to drive a modified Ford F-100 that he calls “the ultimate coffee pick-up”.

The vehicle achieved an eye-opening (pun intended) speed of 65.5 miles per hour! Not only that, but the same vehicle holds the record for the longest trip ever made by a coffee-powered vehicle, 1600 miles. Whether the driver needed coffee to remain awake for the entire trip is not known.

Car-puccino anyone?

Connecting Over Coffee

Coffee is, and has always been, a beverage around which people socialize. In homes, restaurants, and coffee shops, every hour of every day, you’ll find people talking and connecting over coffee.

In the same way, we like to connect with our customers over coffee. Maybe not over a steaming cup, but over the subject of coffee and, in particular, our Amora brand.

The main way we do this is on Facebook. And we hope you will take a moment not only to “like” us, but also to post your comments. Not too long ago, a customer posted a comment on Facebook that gave us a quite a chuckle. She said:

“I ordered this coffee and found out it is real yummy, scrumptious and fantasmagoric.”

We’re not even sure what that means! And they are not words we would typically use in our advertising. But we sure like the sound of them, and we thank all of you who continue to spread the word about Amora coffee.

One More Cup of Coffee

A few months ago, we wrote you about our discovery of “The Coffee Song”, a novelty tune first recorded by Frank Sinatra and later sung by many including Sam Cooke, Rosemary Clooney, and the Muppets!

Well, since then, many of you have written to tell us about other coffee songs. For example, Eric Clapton and The Cream (how appropriate – coffee and Cream!) also recorded a song called “The Coffee Song”, but it had a very different melody and lyrics. Many of you pointed out that both Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan (not to mention k.d. lang and Bobby Darin) recorded “Black Coffee,” a wonderful, jazzy torch song from the 1940s.

But it appears that your all-time favorite coffee song is Bob Dylan’s “One More Cup of Coffee”, a duet with Emmylou Harris from his 1976 Desire album. Artists who covered this song include Robert Plant, Roger McGuinn, and the American rock duo, The White Stripes.